Radio Doctor Nepal, 24/7

Radio Doctor NepalRadio Doctor Nepal is an online radio that is on air everyday 24 hours. This is online Radio Transmission as a bridge between Nepali doctors and patients. This radio was established with the aim of offering free Awareness, Diagnosis and Treatment through online voices.

Radio Yuva, 24/7

RadioYuva is among the very few 24/7 Nepali internet radio station operated from the United States. It has a variety of shows for its global listeners. Radio Yuva’s shows range from upbeat dance beats to authentic Nepali folk songs, and nonsense talk show to shows loaded with cultural information. 

HK Nepali Radio

Nepali Radio HK is a leading Nepalese community online radio from Hong Kong. It broadcasts 24 hrs online with the theme of: “It Sounds different”. This radio tries to bind itself into a cyber community of global Nepalese. Through this, it wants to connect all the Nepalese hearts and minds …

Durga FM, 24/7

Durga FM 24/7Durga FM is an online FM radio broadcasted from Arizona, USA. You can listen Nepali songs, English and Hindi songs as well as wide varieties of audio programmes on Durga FM online.