Radio Sunwal

Radio Sunwal FM Listen Online Radio sunwal Online – रेडियो सुनवल एफ.एम Sunwal-1, NawalparasiPhone: +977-78-570143 / 570113Email: newsradiowsunwal@gmail.comWebsite:

Radio Satellite – Nawalparasi

Radio satellite FM Listen Online Radio Satellite 105.5MHz is the Private radio station, which is totally run 18 hour a day by the local initiatives i.e. by farmers, industrialists, educationists, lawyers, businessmen, teachers, journalists etc. It was established on 1st September 2014. Run by Clock media Pvt. Ltd. It is …

Radio Samarthya FM

Radio Samarthya Fm Listen Online Radio Samarthya Online – रेडियो सामर्थ्य नवलपरासी Kawasoti, NepalWmail: Featured programmes: Samarthya sambad, swasthya jiwan, sahakari aawaj, sajha sarokar, safaltako katha, madhyawarti awaj, dabiyeka awaj, hamro kawasoti ramro kawasoti

Radio Samabeshi

Radio Samabeshi Fm Listen Online Radio Samabeshi 105 MHz – रेडियो समावेशी एफ.एम बुटवल Butwal 11, Rupandehi, NepalPhone: +977-71-544128Email: radiosamabeshi@gmail.comWebsite:

Radio Parasi

Radio Parasi FM Listen Online PARASHI FM Online – रेडियो परासी एफ.एम Ramgram, 3 Parasi NawalparasiPhone: 078-521045,521046Fax: 078-520504Email:, newsradioparasi@gmail.comWebsite:

Radio Mukti

Radio Mukti FM Listen Online Radio Mukti 95.5 MHz – रेडियो मुक्ती एफ.एम बुटवल Rupandehi, NepalPhone: 071-551501, 551503, 551504Email:, muktifm@gmail.comWebsite:

Radio Malmala

Radio Malmala FM Listen Online Radio Malmala 88.6 MHz is the leading private radio station in town. It has been airing since 28th Asar, 2069 B.S. under the name of malmala media Pvt Ltd. It is totally committed to contribute in the development of nation’s mass media. It on airs …

Radio Madanpokhara

Radio Madanpokhara FM Listen Online Radio Madanpokhara is Palpa based community radio station. It is first radio in Palpa district. The radio provides their listeners with most of the time talk shows on Nepali language. Radio also frequently broadcasts some truly entertaining musical shows where its plays songs of Nepal …

Radio Devdaha

Radio Devdaha FM Listen Online Devdaha FM is based on Devdaha Municipality ward no 5, Shitalnagar. Devdaha website is Radio Devdaha’s featured programmes: Devdaha Samachar, Sajha Khabar, Khabarai Khabar Devdaha relay, Capital news, Hamro Bhaka, Ukali Orali Radio Devdaha Online – रेडियो देवदह एफ.एम Devdaha-2, Sitalnagar RupandahiPhone: 071-577735, 577738Email: devdahafm@yahoo.comWebsite: